Before the conference...

Before the conference...

Follow these instructions prior to the conference!

  • The conference program with access links has been sent as a pdf file to all conference delegates registered before 14:00 on 14 June to the email address you registered with.
  • If you did not receive it, please check your spam before you contact us.
  • If you registered after 14:00 on 14 June, you will receive the access links via email on 15 June.


1      Download the Zoom Client for meetings if you do not have it from before. You can download if for free from here.

2      Create a (free) Zoom account if you do not have one from before. See here for instructions. If you are not allowed to open a Zoom account, skip to stet 3.

3      Update your profile so that your full name appears there. See here for instructions if you have a Zoom account. If you do not have an account, you can 'rename' yourself after you have logged into Zoom (move the mouse over your own picture to reveal a small blue box with three dots in the upper righthand corner of your picture; click on this; 'rename' yourself).

  • You will not be admitted to sessions if you are not using your first and last names for your Zoom profile. This is a security measure against Zoombombing.
  • We will be checking these names against our registration list. People who have not registered for the conference will not be admitted to sessions. You are not allowed to share the access links we send you with anyone.

4      Create a (free) Padlet account, here. Obligatory for WiP and Poster presenters. Strongly recommended for all others (see here for why).

5      Drop by our Help Room (open at scheduled times) to chat. 


  • We will check that your audio and video work well.
  • For presenters: We will make sure that you know how to share your Powerpoint presentation (and can also share audio/video clips, if needed for your presentation). See here for instructions for paper presenters.
  • For chairs: We will talk you through your job. See here for instructions for chairs.