Are you presenting a full paper?

Are you presenting a full paper?

You will have 20 minutes for your paper, with 5 minutes of discussion.

Make sure that you drop by our Help Center before you present (opened at scheduled times before & during the conference). We want to check that everything works & that you are comfortable with the virtual format.

It is especially important that you practice in the Help Center  if you 1) use dual monitors and/or 2) include a video or audio clip in your presentation (see here).

Practical instructions for your session and time slot:

  1. You will find the correct Zoom link for you session in the conference program sent to you via email.
  2. Be present in your Zoom room 10 minutes before the session starts. Your host will ask you to test your audio and video and share screen, to preempt problems/delays when it it time to for you to present.
  3. If you are the first presenter in the session, stay in the room.
  4. If you are not the first presenter in the session, you may leave to enjoy papers in other rooms, but come back  to your Zoom room at least 5 minutes before you are scheduled to present. 
  5. Open your Powerpoint presentation on your computer. It needs to be open before you share your screen with everyone.
  6. Your chair will call your name & ask you to share your screen and unmute your audio.
  7. When you are finished presenting & no longer need to show your Powerpoint, click on ‘Stop share’. (Your chair can help you, if needed.)

 Here are our 'how-to' instructions for Zoom.

General requirements: To present your paper, you will need...

  • a computer;
  • a headset or conference microphone;
  • a web camera (either built-in camera on your computer or an external one);
  • a stable internet connection.

Please sit in a room where you will not be disturbed.

You will be able to share a Powerpoint (or other) presentation from your own screen. Audience members will see both you and your presentation on their screens.

If you are co-presenting a paper, agree that one of you will control the presentation. Co-presenters just have to open their microphone when it is their tiem to speak.

We strongly suggest that you keep you presentation simple, with no hyperlinks.