Workshop 3

Workshop 3

Crafting your career with MIPVU 

Allison Creed (University of Melbourne, Australia)


To be held on 18 June 2020

08:00-10:10 (UTC +2)

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What does career mean to you? How can metaphors help you in crafting your career? Why do metaphors matter to your career planning? The objective of this workshop is to provide a practically oriented and personally relevant introduction to an analytical rather than intuitive approach to metaphor identification: The Metaphor Identification Procedure Vrije Universiteit (Steen et al., 2010). MIPVU is presented as a faciliatory resource for career guidance to increase self-awareness and enhance decision making.

The workshop will articulate a step by step adapted version of MIPVU (see Creed & Nacey, 2019) for participants to apply to case study examples in English and Norwegian. Participants will then utilise the META4 Career cards to create their own mini narratives and apply MIPVU to analyse their personal metaphor/s to conceptualise their target topic—education, career, or transition. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of potential implications of metaphor choices on career planning.

This introductory methods workshop is suitable for participants at any stage of their academic or professional career. Knowledge of MIPVU is not required although participants with existing skills may find this a novel way to reflect on their current career plan. Participants require an internet enabled devise e.g., laptop, iPad, smart phone, etc.

About the organizer

Dr Allison Creed is a Curriculum Designer, Faculty of Arts, at the University of Melbourne with research and teaching expertise in Education, Marketing, and Applied Linguistics. She is a Researching and Applying Metaphor Executive Committee member (Conference Secretary), research team member of the University of Southern Queensland ACCELL and collaborates with the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Education and Metaphor Lab Amsterdam team. Her research utilizes metaphor analysis to focus on issues in Higher Education, Career, and Wine Marketing. Allison also has experience in cross-disciplinary teaching in blended and online undergraduate and postgraduate courses on- and off-shore. Read more about Allison Creed here.