Workshop 2

Workshop 2

Identifying metaphorical elements in films with FILMIP: The Filmic Metaphor Identification Procedure

Lorena Bort-Mir (Universitat Jaume I, Castellón, Spain) 

RaAM 2020Virtual

To be held on 18 June 2020

10:10-12:10 (UTC +2)

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The study of cinematic metaphors is recently receiving much interest among scholars from different fields of study such as discourse analysts, linguists, or even cognitive psychologists. It is precisely this emerging concern what has emphasized the need of an empirical method designed for the identification of these tropes in filmic materials. FILMIP’s reliability and validity tests (Bort-Mir, 2019) show that the method offer consistent results among independent analysts. The seven-step procedure, interdisciplinary in nature, can be seen as the dynamic version of VISMIP (Šorm & Steen, 2018) but with key modifications to adapt the method to the complexity and requirements of multimodal artifacts.

 The aim of this workshop is to illustrate FILMIP, and to apply and discuss the method with some TV-commercials to be analyzed in groups by the participants.

 The workshop will be divided into 3 stages:

The first 30 minutes will be devoted to the description of FILMIP’s seven steps through the illustration of one analysis.

During the following 60 minutes, participants will be asked to apply the procedure in groups with two pre-selected TV-commercials.

A general discussion on the results will take place within the last 30 minutes of the workshop. The materials under analysis may prompt debates about the communicative function of metaphors in filmic advertising, the role of communicative modes in the triggering of filmic metaphors, or the creative vs. non-creative (or conventional) side of metaphors in persuasive genres. Nonetheless, the key point for the discussion will be the strengths and limits of the procedure according to the experience of the participants, and also the possible existence of culture-specific and genre-specific interpretations.

Participants can project the commercials in their mobile phones and proceed with their analyses using the handouts that will be provided to them by the organizer.

About the organizer

Lorena Bort-Mir, PhD is an associate professor and researcher at Universitat Jaume I, within the English Studies Department. She is interested in multimodal metaphor analysis and metaphor processing in films. She developed FILMIP (Filmic Metaphor Identification Procedure) in her thesis. She published articles and papers in several journals, and she has been invited as keynote speaker in various international conferences and workshops.