Doctoral symposium

The Doctoral Symposium will provide PhD students working in areas of language, literacy and literature in multilingual early childhood  education contexts with a unique opportunity to interact with renowned and experienced researchers in the field, and discuss with them about their ongoing research.

The Doctoral Symposium aims at establishing a supportive worldwide community of doctoral students working on these topics. PhD students are invited to  present and discuss their ongoing work in a session preceding the opening of the main conference, May 14.

The symposium is connected  to Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences Phd program Teaching and Teacher Education.

Description of the Event

The Doctoral Symposium will be a seminar with experienced researchers and doctoral students. The doctoral students will present a summary of his or her paper. After that, the seminar leader will interact with the author and the audience, providing constructive advice and suggestions.


Prospective student attendees should already have a clear research direction, which means that they have settled on a dissertation topic and have outlined a research proposal and possibly have published some results. Each prospective student participant will submit a package of materials (described below) for consideration by reviewers. The reviewers will accept the participants using the following four criteria:

  • The potential quality of the research and its relevance to issues related to language, literacy and literature in multilingual early childhood educational settings.
  • Quality of the research abstract
  • The stage of the research
  • Diversity of background, research topics and approaches

Submission Guidelines

Each doctoral student who wants to submit a paper for the Doctoral Symposium should prepare:

Abstract: An abstract summarizing his or her dissertation research, singly authored by himself or herself.  Abstracts must not exceed 350 words (exclusive of references). The abstract should include:

  • motivation, problem description
  • state of the art, novelty and significance relative to the state of the art
  • research approach
  • results obtained and work in progress

Recommendation Letter: A letter of recommendation from the student’s Ph.D. advisor, verifying

  • the student status of the applicant
  • date of advance to PhD candidacy
  • the expected date of thesis defense or graduation

Both documents must be written in English, and submitted to

Review Process

The review process is double-blind. Those doctoral students whose abstracts are accepted, will be asked to submit a more detailed paper of minimum 4, maximum 10 pages. More information and guidelines will be given to the selected students concerned.

Important Dates for the Doctoral Symposium

Event Date Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Submission Due Date December 1, 2019
Notification January 15, 2019

Detailed programme

Each participant will get 15 minutes to present their project, after which there will be a 20 minute discussion where both the symposium chair persons and the other participants will take part. The project presentations would normally include research questions, as well as an account of the theoretical and methodological approach.



For any questions please email the Doctoral Symposium organizers: