Session programme - session 3

Tuesday, November 5, 09:00 - 10:30

Session 3A - Vulnerable groups and the pathway to employment

Meeting room: Weidemansal 5
Chair: Sølvi Helseth 

A new way to assess the role of “heterogeneity” in social assistance dynamics
By  Åsmund Hermansen , Department of Social Work, Child Welfare and Social Policy, Oslo Metropolitan University

Integrating activation and mental health services. Implementation and professional practices in an evidence-based service model
By  Vidar Bakkeli, Work Research Institute, Oslo Metropolitan University

Pathways to work – Supported Employment for people with intellectual disabilities (ID)
By  Grete Wangen, Work Research Institute, Oslo Metropolitan University ( Presentation)

The meaning of work for people with intellectual disability – the experience of being a researcher
by  Frank Jarle Bruun, Department of Social Work and Guidance, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences ( Presentation)

Session 3B - The role of NAV in the integration of vulnerable groups

Meeting room: Weidemansal 3
Chair: Ira Malmberg-Heimonen

Nav as a collaborating actor within work-promoting services
By  Aina A. Kane, Department of Child Welfare and Social Work, UiT the Arctic University of Norway

Supported Employment within the Public employment service (NAV)
By  Ane Stø, NAV - The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration ( Presentation)

Integrated services through local organizational design? Early experiences from a recent administrative
reform in the Norwegian labour and welfare services
By  Eric Breit, Work Research Institute, Oslo Metropolitan University ( Presentation)

Social Workers’ Dedication in an Activation Work 
By  Talieh Sadeghi and  Lars Inge Terum, Centre for the Study of Professions, Oslo Metropolitan University ( Presentation)

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