Call for papers

Guidelines for paper proposals

The abstract

An INTEGRATE abstract proposal for presentation must have a maximum of 500 words and we suggest the following structure:

  1. Title of paper
  2. Author(s) of proposal and contact information
  3. Research question(s)
  4. Theory
  5. Data and methods 
  6. Results
  7. Conclusion

All presenters in paper sessions are encouraged to bring copies of their papers.

For practical cases in Norwegian an abstracts should include the following.

  1. Title of presentation
  2. Author and contact information
  3. Keywords
  4. What did you try to achieve and how did you do it?
  5. Who participated and what took place?
  6. Did any problems occur and how did you solve them?
  7. What went well?
  8. How do you know that the project was a success?
  9. Take aways from the project

Paper Sessions

Paper sessions consist of a presentation and a discussion of papers of an ongoing or completed research project. Time frame of each paper presentation is 20 minutes including discussion. 4 different papers will be presented in each parallel session (in sessions with 3 papers, the time for each paper will be 25 minutes). In the abstract submission, it must be specified within which theme/stream the author want to present the paper. A conference attendee will be limited to present a maximum of one paper at the INTEGRATE Conference.

Conference themes/streams

  1. The role of the employer, including Human Resource Management, and the work place in the process of work inclusion of vulnerable groups.
  2. The importance of service integration and role the services in healthcare, rehabilitation, social, welfare and employment in supporting recruitment and retaining of vulnerable workers in employment.
  3. Facilitators and barriers for collaboration and coordination of multiple services that contribute to employment of vulnerable groups   
  4. The need for and effect of coordinated and integrated services in labour market inclusion and return to work processes
  5. Can innovative strategies that emphasize co-creation improve the services for vulnerable groups so that work inclusion is enhanced?
  6. Recent policy reforms and their consequences for service integration and work inclusion among vulnerable groups
  7. Practical cases in Norwegian are also welcome.