Thursday 19th November

12.15-14.00 Environments and wellbeing
  12.15: Opening of the conference
  12.30: Keynote – Simon Elsborg Nygaard: On the relation between environmentally sustainable living and subjective well-being
  13.10: Evi Petersen: The role of emotions for the relationship of nature connectedness and subjective wellbeing
  13.30: Short break (10 minutes)
  13.40: Evgenia Gorantonaki:  The cosy space: an interplay of psychology and architecture
  14.00: Keynote – Åshild Lappegard Hauge: Symbol aesthetics as an approach to influence both well-being and environmental behavior
14.30-15.20 Late lunch
15.20-16.00 Nature and health
  15.20:  Svein Åge K. Johnsen: Developing the therapeutic potential of nature cabins in outpatient and inpatient care
  15.40: Nicole Kras:  Understanding the Role of the Natural Environment in the Lives of New England Island Residents
16.00-16.35 Coffee break
16.35-17.15 Urban development
  16.35: Dana Kvietkute: Moving in with strangers – exploring motivations and stated preferences for co-housing and shared living in Norway
  16.55: Kathrine Karlsen: The impact of Voluntary Parking Racks on E-scooter Users’ Parking Behavior
17.15-17.25 Short break (10 minutes)
17.25-18.30 Nature and exercise
  17.25: Giovanna Calguiri:  Taking real steps in virtual nature – Developing and testing a virtual green exercise installation: rationale and protocol.
  17.45: Giovanna Calguiri: “Here, you step outside and you’re into nature.” A mixed-method study on the physical activity habits of first-generation Italian immigrants in Norway
  18.05: Workshop by Giovanna Calguiri & Tadhg MacIntyre: special issue: "Advances in Green Exercise and Health Promotion" to be published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (MDPI). Researchers interested in publishing their work relating to green exercise are invited to participate.

FRIDAY 20th of November

09.00-12.00 Climate psychology / Covid-19
  09.00: Opening of day two
  09.05: Keynote – Per Espen Stoknes: Climate psychology and climate communicatio
  09.45: Thea Gregersen: What do people believe will be the most important impacts of climate change in Norway?
  10.05: Erik Løhre: Communicated and perceived public consensus about climate change
  10.25: Short break (10 min)
  10.35: Keynote – Birgitta Gatersleben: Nature engagement pre-, during and post Covid-19
  11.15: Gisela Böhm: Climate change versus pandemic influenza: Do people perceive these two global risks differently?
  11.35: Aslak Fyhri: The influence of Covid-19 induced “non-commuting” on mood and productivity
12.00-13.00 Lunch and poster session
13.00-14.00 A: Pro-environmental behavior B: Pro-environmental behavior – theory development
  13.00: Erik Nakkerud: Living environmentally childfree: Is it a private or an activist pro-environmental behavior? 13.00: Hildegunn Marie Tønnessen Seip: Towards a sustainable psychology
  13.20: Lukasz Derdowski: Less food waste with the right plate color?



Marin K. Henriksen: Reuse of building materials – networking strategies for social innovation
  13.40: Samar Albarghouthi: The national School Championship: From climate strike to climate action 13.40: Ingeborg Flagstad: Going green – what does it mean?
14-00-14.15 Coffee break
14.15-15.15 Workshop: The Norwegian Psychological Association, Climate committee: How can psychological knowledge be used in the municipalities’ work on climate, environment and sustainability? By Erik Nakkerud, Bjørn Z. Ekelund, Mona Cecilie Nielsen.
15.15-15.30 Closing session

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