Keynote speakers

M Kytta

Marketta Kyttä: Place-based approach in the study of person-environment relationship.

Marketta Kyttä works as a professor of Land Use Planning in the department of Built Environment in Aalto. She received her PhD in the Department of Architecture from Helsinki University of Technology in 2004. Her doctoral thesis about child-friendly environments received two scientific awards, Lea Pulkkinen and Tapio Nummenmaa awards.

Having background in environmental psychology, her interests cover widely human aspects in planning. Her research topics include environments that promote wellbeing and health, active living, child- and age-friendly environments, social sustainability, urban lifestyles, perceived safety and new methods for public participation. Her innovation, “softGIS” methodology, that is an advanced example of PPGIS (public participation GIS) methodology, enable the provision of people's place-based knowledge in the GIS format, complementing the traditional GIS-data.



Peter Währborg: Nature and Public Health

Peter Währborg is a Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Sociologist, Medical doctor and ass. Professor in Cardiology at Institute of Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg and former Head of the Institute of Stress Medicine. His research focus on stress, recovery, quality of life and nature-assisted therapy.