Conference on Environmental Psychology 2018

Logoen til Conference on Enivornmental Psychology

Welcome to the second Conference on Environmental Psychology in Norway - Lillehammer 29th - 30th of November 2018

We welcome students and researchers to participate in the conference, either by presenting papers, posters, or by attending without presenting. The conference is hosted by the Norwegian Network for Environmental Psychology and the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University) and the venue is the INN campus Lillehammer. Deadline for abstract submission is 15th of October, deadline for registration is 10th of November.

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Aims of the conference

  • To promote research within environmental psychology and related disciplines as well as practical applications of these fields
  • To provide experienced researchers in the people environment research field the possibility of an annual professional and social meeting, and to present their research
  • To provide the opportunity for students to gain experience with presenting scientific work and receive feedback from experienced researchers in environmental psychology
  • To advance the communication between environmental psychology and other areas of research within psychology and the social sciences, as well as between researchers and practitioners


Topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Environmental psychology and applied environmental psychology
  • Traffic behavior and travel mode choice
  • Greening organizations
  • Environmental behavior and consumer behavior
  • Environmental risk perception and risk management
  • Psychological aspects of resource management and crises
  • Architectural psychology: work, school and residential environments
  • Place, place attachment, and place identity
  • Environmental quality, noise and lighting
  • Restorative environments
  • Social use of space: crowding, privacy, territoriality, personal space

The Award for the Environmental distinction 2018

Mylnå, a local mill in Volda, won the Award for the Environmental distinction for 2018. We congratulate!

Conference 2017

The program and topics of the first Conference on Environmental Psychology in 2017.