Organizing virtual conferences

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In this virtual seminar, five organizers of virtual conferences will discuss their experiences in (involuntarily) transforming their physical conferences to virtual ones.

Our goal is to empower others to be able to do the same & to demonstrate that there is a wide variety of do-able options.

Who is this seminar for?

ANYONE who is interested in holding virtual conferences, seminars or other events, no matter what sector you work in.

  • If you are new to this virtual world, then our seminar is PERFECT for you (none of us had any previous experience with virtual conferences).
  • If you are experienced, then our seminar should provide you with additional ideas and inspiration.
  • Our five conferences were all about linguistics (because linguistics is really cool), but we promise that we will not talk your ear off about our academic passions.

Date: 16 September 2020

Time: 3-5pm CEST/UTC+2 (with an optional chat from 2-3pm)

  • What does this mean for you? Check out this time zone converter  here.

Location: Zoom

Cost: Free

Registration: Will open in mid-to-late August

How to join:  We will send out the Zoom webinar & meeting links via email to all registered participants a few days before the seminar.

Topics of discussion:

  • What happened to ‘my’ conference
  • Do you need to be a technical genius (or magical wizard)?
  • Tools & technical ‘secrets’
  • What does the schedule look like at virtual conferences?
  • Social/networking events (yes, it is possible!)
  • How to use ‘chat’
  • Security concerns
  • Live vs recorded talks
  • What went wrong (if anything)
  • What to do with time zones
  • Feedback from delegates
  • Advantages of virtual conferences
  • How to profile the host institution/location
  • Budget (physical vs. virtual event)
  • How complicated is this really?
  • What we want to see in the future


2-3 pm: Join us for virtual coffee. Zoom in & chat with us (& get tips if you are new to Zoom)

3-4 pm: Plenary panel session (Zoom webinar). A roundtable discussion between the five organizers.

  • The chat will be continuously open for your questions, comments & feedback.

4-5 pm: Chat with the organizers (Zoom meeting). Your chance to talk with us directly (or be a wallflower & listen).

  • The organizers will be in separate ‘break-out’ rooms.
  • You will zoom in to the main chat room & tell the Host who would like to visit first.
  • You may then return to the main chat room whenever you want.
  • We will spend the final 15 minutes together as a group to sum up the main points raised during the seminar.