Session programme - session 2

Monday, November 4, 16:15 - 17:45

Session 2A - The role of the employer and the work place in the process of work inclusion  II

The organisational effects of work inclusion – a prospective mixed-methods study
By  Mari Svendsen

Developing the role as a coordinating social worker in the Danish unemployment system – with a citizen perspective
By  Lone Vesterby and Per Westersø, VIA University College

Difficult work inclusion: challenges and opportunities at the workplace revealed in recent studies.
By  Kjetil Frøyland, AFI/Oslo Metropolitan University

Social Workers’ Dedication in an Activation Work 
By  Talieh Sadeghi og  Lars Inge Terum, Oslo Metropolitan University

Session 2B - The role of innovation and recent policy reforms in work inclusion

Using biographical reference points to map the labor integration experience of non-western immigrants
By  Erika Gubrium, Oslo Metropolitan University

Is the Norwegian Introduction Programme a pathway to labour market integration for female immigrants? 
By  Elisabeth Ugreninov, NOVA/Oslo Metropolitan University

Cross sectional management in piloting projects involving welfare counsellors in upper secondary schools 
in Norway 2013-18
By  Eli Skjeseth, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Personalised Services, co-production or co-creation as possible pathways to overcome the shortcomings 
of welfare conditionality for vulnerable groups? - Lessons from Denmark
By  Dorte Caswell and  Flemming Larsen, Aalborg University

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