Working at INN University

About INN University

INN University is home to over 14,000 students, 1000 employees and has campuses in Lillehammer, Hamar, Elverum, Rena, Evenstad and Blæstad.

INN University aspires to build strong and enduring academic and research environments that will leave their mark regionally, nationally and internationally. We are working on the development of a new and better institution of high academic and pedagogical quality, and aim to achieve university accreditation by 2020. We have a goal of building an administrative and technical expertise environment that contributes actively to achieving our overall goals.

Our vision is “Stronger Together”.

See  About INN University for more information about our academic portfolio, our focus areas and about the organisation in general.

INN University as a workplace

We strive to provide our employees with the opportunity for both professional and personal development in an inclusive and supportive working environment.

INN University’s personnel policy is based on the regulations and agreements that apply to the public sector in general and the university and university college sector in particular. These are supplemented by our own personnel provisions that are developed in close collaboration with our employees.

Our key objective is an inclusive environment that promotes collaboration and sharing. We actively seek to recruit women for leading academic positions, as well as uphold measures promoting gender equality, inclusion and diversity in general.

We offer

  • Opportunities for competence development through internal and external courses
  • Attractive salary and work conditions in accordance with state employment policy
  • Opportunities for employee involvement and participation in decision-making
  • Good administrative services
  • Attractive pension and welfare schemes

Research training

  • PhD candidates are given the opportunity to pursue professional development and qualification in innovative research environments, with the goal of becoming leaders in their field
  • PhD candidates are full-time employees with attractive salary and work conditions
  • Researchers are offered regular training and guidance in order to develop their skills as researchers

About the requirement and hiring process

About the requirement and hiring process

The statutory  qualification principle in the Act relating to state employees, chapter 2 §3, applies to all employment in the public sector in Norway.

Our hiring processes adhere to practices for appointment processes in state-run enterprises. Employment takes place in two phases: recommendation and appointment.

The first phase consists of application processing and selection, and concludes with a recommendation for employment in the position. Qualified applicants are invited for an interview. When hiring for teaching, research and dissemination positions, relevant applicants are also assessed on the basis of expert evaluation and testing of practical-pedagogical skills.

The second phase is the processing of the recommendations and decisions on appointment in one of various appointment committees. Appointments to technical and administrative positions and to teaching, research and dissemination positions are each decided in two separate appointment committees dedicated to these types of positions. These committees also decide upon appointment to management positions in their respective areas. The rector is appointed by INN University Board, as are the deans, heads of departments and other members of the rectorate.

Foreign applicants

New in Norway – Information service for foreign workers – rights, duties, practical advice, tips and information about Norwegian society.