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The course is useful, exciting and social

The course is useful, exciting and social

Valerii Zolotov from Ukraine hopes to become a computer game developer. Now he is studying Norwegian Language and Culture for International Students (NOIS). 

Valerii Zolotov is from Ukraine and studies Norwegian language and culture at Hamar.

The 26-year-old hopes that the course will help him land his dream job as a computer game developer. 

Here are some of his thoughts about the course.

Why did you choose this course?

-This programme gives you the opportunity to learn Norwegian in a systematic way, and it prepares you for further studies at a university or college. To know a language, you need to study hard.

What do you think about the course so far?

-The study programme is a perfect combination of different teaching methods, and includes various types of information sources.

What is the key theme of the course?

- A thorough account of Norwegian language and culture.

What is the best thing about the course?

- I think the best thing about it is the opportunity to advance through the different levels in Norwegian language.

How is the workload organised in terms of lectures, independent study and practice?

- As a student, you get lots of well explained material in class that helps you expand your Norwegian skills. It is your own choice as to how much time you use for independent work. A normal day usually consists of four hours of lessons with different activities such as reading, grammar work and discussion.

How is the social aspect of the course?

- Studying a language is challenging, so the social aspect is very important. During the course, I have experienced a lot of exciting things and made many new friends.

What can you do with the knowledge you gain in this course?

-This course gives you the opportunity and foundation to apply for admission to colleges or universities, and it gives you the competence that corresponds with the Bergenstest.

What will you do when you finish your studies at Hamar?

- I hope to continue with my education at a higher level.

What is your dream job?

- I would love to work as a computer game developer.

What is the best thing about Hamar campus?

-The library. It is very comfortable, and everything is very accessible when studying there.

What are the benefits of studying in a smaller city?

- Beautiful nature, nice people and opportunity for personal growth are the three most important benefits for me.

Briefly, what three adjectives will you use to describe the course?

- Useful, exciting and social.