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Siri Wieberg Klausen

Siri Wieberg Klausen

Photo: Siri Wieberg Klausen

PhD in Teaching and Teacher Education – Digital Skills in Norwegian Upper Secondary School Training

Who are you?

Siri Wieberg Klausen, PhD candidate in Teaching and Teacher Education, Hamar campus.

What are you researching?

My project is titled From Chalk to Nearpod – A Discourse Analysis of the Concept “Digital Skills” in Norwegian Education Politics and in Norwegian Upper Secondary School Training.

This study's main Research Question: How is the concept of “digital skills” being historically and culturally constructed in Norwegian education policy, and how do the discursive constructions regulate the Norwegian Upper secondary school training as a social field?

This study is designed as a discourse analysis and uses several qualitative methods. The PhD thesis will be completed by 2019.

What's in it for society?

Professor in economy and pedagogy Klaus M. Schwab, the founder of European Management Conference, claims that the global society is now at the beginning of “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

In his book from 2016, Schwab outlines several different scenarios of how this revolution will change society – both working life and the education systems around the world.

I find his book highly interesting. Schwab may not be right in every prediction in his book, but I do believe digital technology will change our society in ways we still can`t comprehend, and I think that the education system will be one of the fields that will change most profoundly in the future.

Due to the changes ahead, it's my opinion that it's important that educational researchers are interested in which digital skills the pupils learn in school, how learning these skills is conducted, why the pupils should learn these skills and in which way the learning outcomes will be affected by using digital tools in the instruction.

Although we can expect great changes in the educational system in the years to come, I will advocate the need to be critical of leaving all traditional teaching methods and “old” pedagogical artefacts behind. I believe in a school that keeps the “best of two worlds”. Therefore, further research on these topics is needed, to find out what the role of new technologies and traditional teaching methods should be.

What's next after your PhD?

After the public defence of my thesis I would like to continue to work in the academia, combining teaching and researching. I've got several ideas on topics I would like to explore. I'm interested in research concerning different pedagogical methods and educational policy, and of course I would like to conduct more research on the use of ICT in education.

When not researching

When I'm not working on my PhD thesis, I spend time with my friends and family. I'm also passionate about documentary films and photography.