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Marius Øfsti

Marius Øfsti

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Programme for Audiovisual Media – Selling Movies in a Digital Norway.

Who are you?

Marius Øfsti, 41, Norway – Film studies/Film distribution

What are you researching?

I conduct my research within the Programme for Audiovisual Media. My project is called “Selling Movies in a Digital Norway.” I’m looking into how Norwegian film distributors are navigating the digital markets in general and the home markets in particular.

What's in it for society? 

Norwegian movies have lost a large share of their income as DVDs went out of style. The current situation is not viable for most Norwegian films, producers and distributors. I believe that a continued strong Norwegian film production, and a relatively high visibility for Norwegian movies in all markets, is important both from a business and a cultural/democratic perspective.

What's next after your PhD? 

Ask me again in 2021. But I’ve published two papers already this year. One on the history of Norwegian video stores and one discussing the term “contingent availability” in streaming services. I have a larger project on the Norwegian video stores on the back burner, and hope to finish it soon after my PhD.

When not researching 

I’ve recently started playing role-playing games again, which is a lot of fun. I’ve been running a music radio show/podcast and a DJ-concept called Radio Tidsmaskinen for quite a few years now. I sometimes make music videos and have been involved in short film and documentary production.