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Marit Elise Lyngstad

Marit Elise Lyngstad

PhD in Teaching and Teacher Education – Literature and Literature Teaching

Who are you?

Marit Elise Lyngstad, a 33-year-old PhD candidate enrolled in the programme Teaching and Teacher Education. I work in the English section of the Department of Humanities, mainly with literature and literature teaching. Before I started working for INN University, I worked for NTNU teaching English literature, and I’ve also worked as an upper secondary school teacher.

What are you researching?

My project deals with English teachers’ choices and beliefs about literature in the upper secondary classroom. It is a mixed methods project, and I have used both a survey and in-depth interviews in order to find out which literature English teachers use, how and why they select these texts, and whether they think contemporary dystopian novels for young adults are suitable for the upper secondary classroom.

What’s in it for society?

Since the implementation of the Knowledge Promotion curriculum in 2006, no one has examined which texts teachers actually use, or what influences them in their choices. Therefore, this project aims to shed light on which texts are read in classrooms across the country, and why these texts are chosen by the teachers.

What’s next after your PhD?

I hope to be able to combine teaching and research in my future career. Since I have examined teachers’ views in this project, I would like my next study to be more focused on students. I would also like to continue working with literature for children and young adults.

When not researching

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, hiking, travelling, singing, playing the piano, and watching football.