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Knut Sindre Mølmen

Knut Sindre Mølmen

Photo: Knut Sindre Mølmen

PhD in exercise physiology – The Granheim Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Study

Who are you?

Knut Sindre Mølmen, 27 years old from Krokstadelva, Norway. I’m a PhD student (2016-2020) enrolled at the Norwegian School of Sports Science and funded by INN University and Inland Hospital.

What are you researching?

I’m a PhD student at The Granheim COPD Study. In this study we aim to optimize strength training for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients and healthy elderly with a special focus on improvements in muscle strength, mass and phenotype. The main purpose of the study is to examine the effects of combined vitamin D supplementation and strength training on the same variables. We also examine the program’s effects on functional and endurance variables and e.g. quality of life.

What’s in it for society?

COPD is the 4th largest cause of death in Norway and the world overall, and the Norwegian state uses a substantial amount of money every year on rehabilitation of this patient group. Strategies and programs that ensure a healthier aging among COPD patients and elderly subjects in general will not only save the community costs, but also contribute to a better quality of life for the subjects involved.   

What’s next after your PhD?

Hopefully I can continue to conduct research in the field of exercise physiology.

When not researching

I’m a passionate amateur athlete with a love for long and steep bicycle and cross country ski races.