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Ingeborg Flagstad

Ingeborg Flagstad

Ingeborg Flagstad has a green office with a view – two of the factors that positively influence performance at work, according to environmental psychologists. Photo: Ingeborg Flagstad.

PhD in environmental psychology and green changes in organizations

Who are you?

Ingeborg Flagstad, 42, Norway, Environmental psychology and green changes in organizations

What are you researching?

PhD programme in psychology at the University of Oslo, I study green organizational changes – a mix of environmental psychology and organizational psychology. I currently work on the "greening organizations" project, and examine ways to change people’s behavior in a more environmental friendly direction. I study the role of environmental organizational climate in the establishment and maintenance of green organizational practices. One of the organizations I study is INN University, it is an action research approach to green organizational change in my own institution.

What's in it for society? 

Organizations are among the largest contributors to climate change, and greening organizations are one way of fostering a sustainable future. At INN University I hope to raise awareness on green issues and contribute to small actual changes, such as the implementation of recycling at the Lillehammer campus

What's next after your PhD?

I work on developing a new theoretical approach to organizational science. In the PhD the theory is applied to green changes, and I would like to develop this perspective, to see how it can be applied to organizational changes in general.

When not researching

I live on a farm, and like to grow some vegetables and keep hens for eggs. I enjoy the outdoors and likes to do things that are normally done indoors out in the open, like having an outdoor shower with water heated by the sun. I also like riding Icelandic horses, spend time with my family and friends.