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Friederike Merkelbach

Friederike Merkelbach

Photo: Friederike Merkelbach

PhD at PROFF – Online Perceptions of Musical Talent

Who are you?

Friederike Merkelbach,  Germany/Norway, Expertise: Music

What are you researching?

PhD PROFF Programme at INN University, Hamar. I study Online Perceptions of Musical Talent as they appear in the rings around online activities of three juvenile musicians. Using YouTube as my main research arena implies using new methods and a complex set of ethics.

What's in it for society? 

My research will offer important insight into the mechanisms and power relations of online platforms such as YouTube, existing concepts of modern childhood, different talent perceptions as well as the consequences of algorithm manipulation on people’s musical preferences, and the impact of CMC (Computer-mediated-communication) on constructions of musical talent.

What's next after your PhD?

After my PHD, I hope to teach students, do more research, as well as continue my work with artistic freelance projects for children and young people.

When not researching

I enjoy going to concerts, movies and the theatre. I also create music myself on a free-time basis, and I conduct a choir for children and young people. I can miss the deep, beautiful mixed forests of Southern Germany, but I dearly love to spend time at the Norwegian archipelago.