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Chukwuemeka Echebiri

Chukwuemeka Echebiri

PhD candidate Chukwuemeka Echebiri. (Photo: private)

PhD at INSEPP – employee-driven innovation (EDI): An empowerment-based view

Who are you?

I am Chukwuemeka Echebiri, a Nigerian, and a PhD candidate at Inland School of Business and Social Sciences. I am affiliated with the Innovation in Services in the Public and Private Sectors (INSEPP) group.  I have a Master of Science from Nord University Business School. Before starting my master's degree, I have acquired working experience in banking and insurance.

What are you researching?

My research focuses on Employee-driven innovation (EDI): An empowerment-based view. It is about understanding how to harness the innovative potentials of ordinary employees using various empowering practices.

What's in it for society?

My research will help us to better understand how empowerment-related approaches facilitate employee-driven innovation. Ordinary employees constitute a great source of creative ideas in the organisation, and understanding how to harness their ideas will be beneficial to organisations and society at large.

What's next after your PhD?

I hope to find a job where I could continue with my research within academia or in the industry.

When not researching 

I love watching sports and in particular football. I also love watching documentaries.