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Anne Hagerup Larsen

Anne Hagerup Larsen

PhD candidate Anne Hagerup Larsen (Photo: private).

PhD at INSEPP – innovation and environmental psychology

Who are you?

Anne Hagerup Larsen, a 42-year-old clinical psychologist from Norway with a big interest in environmental psychology, and especially in architectural psychology and healthcare buildings.

What are you researching?

INSEPP PhD programme within innovation and environmental psychology. I will investigate the Outdoor Care Retreat at Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet designed by Snøhetta.

What's in it for society?

Research on the importance of healthcare settings for well-being and therapeutic use of nature is growing and has shown promising results. Patients may experience hospital surroundings as scary and this can influence therapy and treatment.  Facilitating of the physical environment and targeted use of nature and architecture in hospitals may therefore be beneficial.

What's next after your PhD?

Hopefully I will continue to work with architectural psychology for the benefit of its users. If I can combine it with my expertise in clinical psychology, my interest in art and nature to further investigate therapeutic settings and surroundings, that would be perfect.

When not researching

Usually you will find me forest bathing, skiing, smiling on top of a mountain or carrying heavy kettlebells at the CrossFit studio. I prefer breathing fresh air, eating clean food and taking care of the wonderful nature and its beautiful animals. I have a very social and athletic Abyssinian cat that thankfully helps me a lot with my PhD work at home.