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Research Integrity Committee

The University of South-Eastern Norway and Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences have a joint Research Integrity Committee. The committee is entrusted with dealing with cases related to unethical scientific practice and research misconduct at the two institutions.

On May 1, 2017, a new law on the organization of research ethics work (the Research Ethics Act) entered into force. The new law clarifies the institutions' responsibility regarding appropriate training and practicing research ethics.

Committee members

  • Chair of the committee: judge Mari Bø Haugstad from Hedmarken District Court
  • Lecturer  Finn Aakre Haugen, The University of South-Eastern Norway
  • PhD candidate  Stina Margrethe Stålberg, The University of South-Eastern Norway


The Research Integrity Committee shall review and comment on reported cases that raise possible serious violations of recognized research ethical norms involving staff at the aforementioned institutions.

In reported cases, the committee must always decide on the following (§8):

  • whether the researcher has acted scientifically dishonestly or not,
  • whether there are systemic errors at the institution and
  • whether the scientific work should be corrected or withdrawn.

Everyone, including individuals and organizations outside the institutions, has the right to report on such matters.