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Why do we like watching horror films?

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Horror films teach us how to deal with our own anxiety, according to research.

It allows us to feel anxious in a safe environment, according to film scholar and psychologist.

- The first of the three main reasons we like watching horror films is quite elementary, says film scholar Søren Birkvad of Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences: Horror films entertain us.

We like watching horror films simply because it's entertaining. It acts as a means to fend off boredom.

Personality tests reveal that those who are bored easily often score higher than others on a trait called “sensation seeking.” Several studies show that those who score high in regard to this trait, show an increased liking of horror films.

Thus, some people jump off mountains with parachutes, while others go to amusement parks to enjoy roller coaster rides. Horror film enthusiasts watch films.

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