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What does Brexit mean for INN University?

What does Brexit mean for INN University?

The implementation of Brexit will affect future research collaborations, as well as staff and student exchange. (Photo: Colourbox)

Below you will find a summary of the effects of Brexit on research collaboration, as well as on student and staff exchange.

Research collaboration

The UK continues to participate in the Copernicus, Euratom and Horizon Europe programs, for the EU's next programming period 2021-2027. This means that existing research collaborations can be continued and that new research projects with British partner universities can be implemented under the EU's forthcoming framework program.

Student and staff exchange under Erasmus +

Although the UK has left the Erasmus + program, student and staff exchange with Erasmus + scholarships to the UK will continue as before up to and including the spring semester 2022 (possibly up to spring 2023).

At the same time, the British have launched their own mobility program – the Turing scheme – named after the British mathematician and computer pioneer Alan Turing, who made important contributions to cryptography, computer science and artificial intelligence, and will take effect from 2021.

The Turing scheme will be backed by over £100 million. It is not yet clear whether the new mobility scheme will apply only to British students and staff, or if it will also benefit international partner universities. More information can be found here: New Turing scheme to support thousands of students to study and work abroad - GOV.UK (


Norwegian students who are going on an ordinary exchange to the UK (under 6 months) will not need a visa. Students who are doing an internship in the UK must apply for a visa.

Part time job in the UK

One consequence of Brexit is that Norwegian students on ordinary exchange to the UK (less than 6 months) will not be able to work in the UK during their stay.

For more information on student and staff exchange in the UK through Erasmus +:
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