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Unpredictable infection situation expected in the coming weeks

Unpredictable infection situation expected in the coming weeks

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Mutated coronavirus variant leads to an uncertain infection situation. INN University continues its COVID-19 preventive measures, and will act quickly and resolutely in the event of an outbreak.

“Our measures, such as avoiding unnecessary travel and encouraging everyone who can do so to work from home, still apply. This will be the case until Easter, at the earliest. Together with good infection prevention routines, the measures are a necessary insurance for reducing the risk of uncontrollable outbreaks in the future,” says INN University Rector Kathrine Skretting.

The applicable measures are:

  • The campuses are open, but those who use them must follow the relevant infection control advice such as keeping distance from others and ensuring good hand hygiene.
  • Students and staff must use access cards and codes to enter the buildings. Access between 07:00 and 22:00.
  • As a rule, teaching is to be conducted digitally until Easter. Activities and exercises that cannot be digitised, and which must be carried out to ensure students' progression, are prioritised in the planning of on-campus teaching.
  • Each individual faculty shall inform students about how they should proceed with their internships and practical experiential learning, as the implementation depends on conditions at each individual internship location.
  • As a general rule, examination format has been switched from a written school examination to other types of examination until the end of the academic year, in cases in which this is considered academically justifiable.
  • Home office should be used for everyone who has the possibility to do so. This is assessed on the basis of whether tasks can be performed from home, and whether they can be performed with sufficient quality. Working environment conditions are also included in the assessment. When in doubt about whether you can/should work from home, the matter should be discussed with the relevant immediate superior. The immediate superior can also request that you arrive at your ordinary workplace.
  • Unnecessary travel should be avoided. This also applies to travel between INN University campuses. Travel related to teaching that cannot be done digitally, and which is necessary for the students’ progression, can be carried out.

Increased activity at open campuses

INN University has kept its campuses open since the closure last spring, not least so that students can use, for example, reading rooms and libraries to maintain the progress of their studies and avoid isolation and total absence of social contact.

At several of our campuses activity has increased in recent weeks, with an increasing number of students and staff present.

“The infection situation today does not indicate drastic measures, but the mutated virus variants that are in circulation spread more easily and increase the risk of major outbreaks. The medical advice we are receiving still indicates that we must continue to be restrictive and only prioritise the trips, meetings and physical attendance that are absolutely necessary,” says Skretting.

“It may seem that many perceive that the situation is less serious than before. This is not the case. The probability of outbreaks of mutated viruses around Innlandet County is high, but we can all help to avoid outbreaks by following the relevant measures and infection control advice,” she continues.

Rapid response in the event of an outbreak

INN University’s emergency preparedness group has discussed the response to any outbreaks of infection in the coming weeks.

“In the event of an outbreak, it is important to limit the spread of infection as much as possible. The local emergency preparedness groups at each campus are first line in terms of response, and the groups are instructed to act quickly and resolutely when infection occurs in the future,” says Kathrine Skretting.

INN University’s emergency preparedness group is following the developments and will release information at once if there are any changes in measures.