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Travel to Norway and quarantine hotel

Travel to Norway and quarantine hotel

Updated Information – December 11th: Due to increased COVID-19 transmission in Europe new restrictions have been introduced for international travelers coming to Norway.

Rules upon entry for international travelers

In order to enter Norway you must present documentation of a negative coronavirus test taken less than 72 hours before entry. Valid test methods are standard PCR-based analysis or the rapid antigen-based test. The documentation must be issued in one of the following languages: Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, English, French or German. If you do not present documentation of a negative test result, you may be denied entry.

Quarantine hotel

After arrival in Norway, you must stay in a quarantine hotel for 10 days. At Gardermoen Airport, the police will direct you to a bus that transports you directly from the airport terminal to the quarantine hotel close to the airport. At the hotel you will stay in a single room.

The price is NOK 500 per day and it includes three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) that will be served at your door. The cost of staying in a quarantine hotel is a total of NOK 5000. You pay for the stay when you check out of the hotel after the quarantine period.

The Norwegian government has decided that universities and university colleges will cover quarantine hotels for new foreign students. The following students will therefore receive a refund of NOK 5000 from INN University:

• New international students taking full degrees in Norway

• New international exchange students coming to Norway

If you are already an international student at INN University, and choose to travel home for Christmas, you will receive a scholarship of NOK 3000 from INN University, reducing your total cost for ten days at the quarantine hotel to NOK 2000.

For reimbursement of expenses for quarantine hotel:

Rules while staying at the quarantine hotel

You will mainly stay in your room for the ten days you are in quarantine, but you have the opportunity to go for walks with fellow students in the local area, provided you comply with the rule of at least one meter distance to others. When you go for a walk, you do not have the opportunity to go to shops, cafes, grocery stores or restaurants in the area.

You will be offered a test for coronavirus at the quarantine hotel. The test is free and voluntary, but even if the test result is negative you must complete the entire quarantine period.

There is no alcohol served at the hotel, but in addition to the three meals per day, you can order snacks from the hotel reception at your own expense. You can also order groceries from or takeaway from restaurants in the area. The goods are delivered to the hotel, but note that there is no refrigerator in the room and thus limited opportunity to store food.

Free coffee and tea will be available on all floors of the hotel.

Hotline for guests at quarantine hotel Oslo Airport

For additional information about the quarantine hotel at Oslo Airport, meant primarily for guests staying at the hotel and their next of kin, please call one of the telephone numbers listed below. Opening hours: all days, 08.00 - 23.00. +47 469 35 181 or +47 940 23 606

Please note: these are the rules that apply today and which came into force on 9.11.2020. Changes may occur at short notice.