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Tightening of coronavirus measures until after Easter

Tightening of coronavirus measures until after Easter

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The national infection situation has resulted in a tightening of coronavirus measures at INN University until 11 April.

“The recent developments in the coronavirus situation are disturbing. There is every reason to expect that a third wave of infection will also hit Innlandet county. We are tightening measures in order to be careful, and to limit the potential consequences of an outbreak that would affect the institution,” says Rector Kathrine Skretting.

Social distancing rules on INN University premises

INN University's campuses are still open. At the same time, the emergency management team observes that at some campuses many people arrive at the premises, and that the distancing rules are not always followed. A tightening of measures is thus necessary.

“We remind you that everyone who is present at the campuses should keep at least one-meter distance from others, but preferably two meters. If the distance requirement cannot be complied with, we recommend the use of a face mask,” says Skretting.

Home office and limited travel

Two measures that affect employees will also be tightened:

  • Employees who have the opportunity to do so will, as a general rule, work from home in the period up to 11 April. Exceptions must be clarified with one’s immediate superior.
  • Only necessary travel shall be carried out, and a critical assessment shall be made regarding what is necessary. This also applies to travel between INN University campuses.

“The infection situation is unclear and serious. The mutated virus variants spread more easily than the original coronavirus. All experience indicates that social contact and travel contribute to the spreading of the virus. This is the basis for the tightening we are now implementing,” says the rector.

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Striving to protect the students

INN University has previously switched to digital teaching where possible, but has maintained, among other things, practical activities at the campuses that are necessary for students' progression.

“We will continue to prioritise our students and ensure the progress of their studies. When more employees work from home and we travel less, we help to make it safer to attend the campuses for the purpose of teaching and practical activates that require physical attendance” says Kathrine Skretting.

Special infection control considerations are taken into account for activities that are carried out with physical attendance.

Stay home in case of illness

INN University's emergency management team would like to remind that both employees and students who think they may be ill should stay at home.

“The threshold for staying at home should be low when you have symptoms that may indicate coronavirus infection. Everyone should test themselves upon suspicion, and not arrive on campus until the test has been confirmed to be negative,” Skretting concludes.

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