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Student exchange autumn 2021

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Due to the corona pandemic, it is still uncertain whether students and PhD students will be able to travel on exchange in the autumn of 2021. Illustration: Pixaba

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is still uncertain whether students and PhD students will be able to travel on exchange in the autumn of 2021. Nevertheless, INN University encourages you to apply as normal, but with the proviso that departure and entry may be cancelled.

At the same time, there must be some deadlines that prevent students who choose exchange from being financially harmed or delayed in their studies.

Dates for cancellation of exchange in the autumn semester 2021:

April 15 for all incoming and outgoing exchanges outside Europe:
All exchanges that are not Erasmus + and which therefore often involve, tuition fees with a deposit and visa applications with fees will quickly have negative financial consequences for the students if they start the process and then cancel. In addition, a cancellation on 15 April will give students the opportunity to change exchange destination to a European partner university.

31 May for all incoming and outgoing exchanges within Europe / Erasmus + at European partner institutions:
In these cases, there is no tuition fee, no visa and therefore it is easy to cancel closer to the actual stay without any negative consequences. Many European partner institutions do not start the semester until the end of September / some not until October.

Foreign practice placement in autumn 2021:
The needs vary from faculty to faculty and from education to education. As a general rule, foreign practice for autumn 2021 will be cancelled by 1 April 2021. 

The faculties may, in consultation with the individual programs, choose to cancel somewhat earlier (March 1) or somewhat later (April / May) when academic and practical-economic reasons - such as students' health, welfare, study progression and learning outcomes - indicate that it is most appropriate. Kindergarten teachers have already cancelled exchanges to Namibia due to an assessment of the situation in the country, other teacher students will not have an internship abroad in the autumn of 2021.

Please note: It will also be possible for the individual faculty to apply for an exemption from the cancellation rule, in the same way as previous semesters, by sending an e-mail to Gunnar Furseth Klinge which briefly describes why one applies for an exemption.