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Record number of international students

Record number of international students

115 international students had their first day of studies at INN University’s Lillehammer campus on August 14th (photo: Kine Skjærvik / INN University)

In fall 2018, INN University has welcomed over 200 international students who will study with us this semester

A new record of 115 students from 17 countries has been reached at the Lillehammer campus alone.

Welcoming students from all over the world

"Most students come from Germany, the Netherlands, France, South Korea, the Czech Republic and Spain, but we also have students coming from Italy, Romania, Denmark, Poland, Japan and other countries," explains Kine Merethe Skjærvik at the International Office. "This is a positive increase we hope would continue."

During Fadderuka (“buddy week”) and through the whole semester there are eight international “buddies” who will assist and arrange activities for the international students at Lillehammer.

International academic year start – August 14th

Tuesday August 14th, an induction day was held for the international students at Lillehammer, and the campus’ auditorium was quickly packed full of students who were excited on their first official day.

The Prorector of Education Stine Grønvold, student chaplain Anne Anker Bolstad, and representatives from the student organization STiNN, the buddies and student groups, welcomed the new students together with the International Office.