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Promising launch to a joint project with the University of Zambia

The delegation from the University of Zambia during their visit to Rollsløkken primary school in Hamar

The delegation from the University of Zambia during their visit to Rollsløkken primary school in Hamar (Photo: Guro Hagen)

A Joint project on Literacy Education in Multilingual Settings in collaboration with the University of Zambia has launched.

The NORPART (Norwegian Partnership Programme for Global Academic Cooperation) project on Literacy in Multilingual Settings (LEMS) that was granted NOK 4 million at the end of last year has launched. This is the most recent one in a continuous cooperation between the former Hedmark University of Applied Sciences – now a part of INN University – and the University of Zambia (UNZA). As part of this joint programme, which is expected to run between 2017 and 2021, six exchange students – two PhD students and four master’s students – have arrived at INN University’s Hamar campus this fall semester.

Last week a delegation of academic and administrative staff from UNZA visited Campus Hamar in order to participate in a workshop.

As part of their visit, our guests had the opportunity to observe classes at Rollsløkken primary school in Hamar, where the headmaster Einar Graff Hugo provided a warm welcome. They witnessed four different teaching sessions, including a first grade bilingual class. They also had the opportunity of observing the use of ICT tools for teaching.

Literacy as a key theme  

The UNZA exchange students conduct research on different facets of literacy; from the study of programmes aimed at increasing literacy in Zambia and the study of teaching approaches and methods, to in-depth analysis of literacy development in children and multilingual teaching approaches.

The aim of this project is the enhanced quality of education at Master and PhD levels at UNZA and INN University, through internationalization and academic cooperation in the field of literacy education in multilingual settings.  

Unique study opportunity for INN students

INN master’s students in education are offered the unique opportunity to travel to Zambia and participate in the course Literacy in a Multilingual Context at the University of Zambia, as well as be affiliated with a Zambian primary school for the purpose of writing a report for the course’s examination.