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PhD Day November 22nd 2018

Group of PhD candidates (photo: Gro Vasbotten/HINN)

Only a minority of PhD candidates will be offered academic positions after the defence of their theses (photo: Gro Vasbotten/INN University)

INN University invites everyone involved in PhD education at INN University for an information session and opportunity orientation at Elverum. The registration deadline is October 20th.

Target group

Everyone who works with, or is in charge of, research education at INN University: PhD candidates, supervisors, deans and vice-deans, and PhD management and administration.

Career development for PhD candidates – Who is in charge?

In line with the national and international trend, INN University has an increasing number of PhD candidates, and only a minority will be offered academic positions after the defence of their theses.

What is the responsibility of the institution, the PhD programmes and the supervisors, to ensure a good career start after the completion of the programme, and what should the PhD candidates themselves do during the course of their PhD training?

INN University has invited presenters from Universities Norway (the Norwegian Council for Higher Education), the Young Academy of Norway, as well as a PhD candidate and a supervisor from our own ranks. There will also be a workshop titled “How to map and disseminate young researchers’ skills and expertise” with the Career Centre of the University of Oslo.

Detailed programme

  • 1045 Arrival and coffee     
  • 1100 Welcome by INN University      
  • 1110 "Research education in transformation? A national perspective" This talk will be in Norwegian. Forskerutdanning i endring? Et nasjonalt perspektiv by Rakel Christina Granaas, former senior adviser at Universities Norway (Norwegian Council for Higher Education)
  • 1200 "When uncertainty prevails: Young researchers and career paths" by Ingrid Lossius Falkum from the Young Academy of Norway
  • 1245 Lunch    
  • 1320 "Planned coincidences. A theoretical perspective on the PhD candidate's career development" by Ingrid Bårdsdatter Bakke, PhD candidate at INN University
  • 1350 "Mapping of expertise for PhD candidates. How to map and disseminate young researchers’ skills and expertise" by Espen Kallevik, Career Centre (University of Oslo)
  • 1420 Workshop with coffee and fruits, group work with mapping tools/ career planning. Group work
  • 1500 Summary of workshop by Espen Kallevik
  • 1515-1550 "How can INN University help researchers plan their own career? Report from a pilot project with INN University participants" by Stian Torjussen (PhD and senior advisor at INN University’s research administration and Stiliani Chroni (professor at INN University and PhD supervisor)

The registration deadline is October 20th. In the registration form you can also sign up for a bus to Elverum in the morning. It departs from Lillehammer at 0900 and from Hamar at 0950. If a sufficient number of participants register from Evenstad/Rena, we will offer transport to Elverum.

The day concludes with the Annual Festivities (Årsfest) at Terningen Arena. Remember to sign up for a return trip in the registration form for the Annual Festivities.

Those who choose to depart immediately after the PhD Day must arrange transportation themselves.