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Workshop for young researchers

We are what we think about all day long: confidence, control and the power of navel-gazing

The research environment creates multiple demands, frustrations and pressures. We often feel scrutinized, uncertain and overwhelmed. Many of us (*including the facilitator of this session) experience 'imposter syndrome' and other confidence 'blockers' which hinder performance and productivity.

Increasingly, the ability to tackle these issues independently and/or with the support of others is becoming the difference between surviving and thriving. We all deserve to lead fulfilled, impactful and healthy professional lives. So much of this involves controlling our thoughts.

This workshop will challenge the bad press given to 'navel-gazing' and make the case for positive introspection. It will encourage you to reflect on what you think about all day long and will include an exploration of thinking styles, the conditions that help you to feel productive and confident, the roots of procrastination and the challenge of banishing the imposter!

Come and explore the benefits of  'giving yourself a good listening to' and leave with some of the most powerful homework you have ever been set.

Mel Jones is Researcher Development Adviser at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). There she has developed the ACTivator programme, LJMU's programme of researcher development workshops, which was has been awarded the 'Developing Excellent Practice Award 2019' at the Staff Development Forum's (SDF) annual national conference.