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Workshop for PhD supervisors

How can supervisors support the psychosocial wellbeing of PhD candidates?

PhD candidates are at risk of experiencing psychosocial distress. PhD supervisors are in a privileged position to take good initiatives to promote their candidates’ psychosocial well-being. In the workshop we take a starting point in testimonials concerning struggles that candidates may experience during the PhD journey. We then discuss research that has uncovered contexts in which these challenges typically emerge and what supervisors can do to support a psychosocially good PhD journey.  Participants are invited to consider how these insights apply to their workplace and supervision practices.

Rob Bongaardt holds a doctoral degree in Psychology from the Free University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1996). He works at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) as a Professor of Mental Health. His present research foci are good mental health, adult development & leadership, and doctoral research supervision. He leads USN’s workshop series on doctoral supervision and facilitates research supervision workshops for interdisciplinary research groups and university faculty in Europe, Asia and Africa.