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No operation at the Oslo campus

No operation at the Oslo campus

Oslo and nine neighbouring municipalities have been subject to strict restrictions related to COVID-19 infection control. This has consequences for INN University’s operation. (Photo: Colourbox)

INN University's operation in the Oslo area is to be suspended, initially until 31 January.

This is a consequence of the government’s implemented new infection control measures from 23 January at 12:00.

Central regulations provide strict measures applicable to Oslo and nine neighbouring municipalities after a COVID-19 mutation, which is more contagious than the original variant, has spread in the region.

INN University abides by the measures and is keeping its premises in Oslo closed until 31 January.

The regulations also have consequences for the implementation of student practical experiential learning. Employees and students who live in the affected municipalities are asked not to travel to INN University's campuses.

Read the government's press release on the tightening of measures in Oslo and nine other municipalities

The Norwegian Film School to suspend operation

“The Norwegian film school operates a master's degree programme in Oslo. Here, we now pause all student activities,” says Karin Julsrud, dean of the Film School, which is a faculty at INN University.

The government stipulates that all teaching for students who are affected must take place digitally. INN University has already switched all teaching that can be converted to digital channels to virtual teaching for the remainder of January.

Because the film school offers studies that are largely practical in nature, not all activities can be carried out digitally and must thus be postponed.

“We sincerely apologise for the consequences this has for our students, but we must follow the decisions that the government has reached in an unresolved and unpredictable infection situation,” says Julsrud.

Employees, students or PhD students who have to visit the premises in Oslo and pick up equipment in order to be able to work from home in the coming week, can do so by appointment.

Consequences for practical experiential learning

In the coming week, a number of students are scheduled to participate in internships in health institutions, schools and kindergartens.

Students who should have participated in such activity in institutions in the affected municipalities shall not attend the internship site the coming week.

Students who reside in the relevant municipalities must also not attend their place of internship as planned, but rather stay in their home municipality.

During the week, students will receive information on how to proceed.

Avoid travel

INN University has employees and students who commute from their place of residence in the affected municipalities to INN University’s campuses.

“We ask students and employees who live in the affected areas not to travel out of their home municipality to get to our campuses next week,” says crisis management team leader at INN University, Marit Torgersen.

Employees living in the affected municipalities must work from home. Affected employees who conduct teaching must do so digitally as far as possible, and must postpone or cancel teaching that requires physical attendance.

Open campuses

INN University campuses, with the exception of Oslo, are still kept open for students and staff, with requirements to follow infection control advice such as keeping a distance from others and practising diligent hand hygiene.

The encouragement to all INN University's employees to work from home if they can, still applies.

All unnecessary travel should be avoided, including travel between campuses.

The situation can change quickly. The crisis management team at INN University monitors the situation and will continuously inform about any changes with consequences for students and employees.


Crisis management team leader Marit Torgersen
Director of Communication Tore Høyland