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No on-campus teaching at INN University until 18 January

No on-campus teaching at INN University until 18 January

Digital teaching will be the rule at INN University until 18 January. (Illustration photo: Colourbox)

Based on advice from the health authorities, the government has decided that all teaching at vocational colleges, university colleges and universities will be carried out digitally until 18 January.

The basis for this is increasing COVID-19 infection in Norway, and the purpose is to reduce the infection load at the beginning of the new year.

“Already well before Christmas, INN University decided to switch to digital teaching in all courses where this was possible, so the practical consequences of the government's new decision are limited. Physical activity that requires in-person attendance is nevertheless an example of teaching that must now be postponed until 18 January,” says Rector Kathrine Skretting.

The government's decision also applies to all events at educational institutions.

The Ministry of Education and Research operates under the assumption that practical experiential learning will be carried out as far as reasonably possible during this period.  

The government has summoned the educational institutions to a video meeting about the decision on Monday 4 January. During Monday, INN University will further specify the local consequences for our institution.

Limiting travel

Through the decision, the government aims to allow students who wish and have the opportunity to do so, to stay where they have been through the Christmas holiday and avoid getting on a plane, train or bus to travel back to their campuses.

The government has also recommended that all Norwegians avoid unnecessary travel – both domestically and abroad – in the coming weeks.

Home office as far as possible

In its new infection control guidelines, the government recommends home-office-based work for everyone who has the opportunity to do so. INN University has previously encouraged employees to do so in order to reduce the number of people in its premises, so that those who must be present can do so with a lower risk of infection.

“We see the government's recommendation as a tightening of the measures and a clear signal to practice home office in the coming couple of weeks,” says Kathrine Skretting.

Having said that, INN University's campuses will remain open. A more detailed decision will be made as to which functions must be staffed for this to be possible.

The government emphasises in the decision that employees must comply with the existing infection control rules in working life in general, and with the rules in the municipality where they reside.

Follow infection control guidelines

Rector Kathrine Skretting encourages all students and staff at INN University to stay home if they feel ill, and to otherwise follow the health authorities’ infection control advice:

  • Keep at least one meter away from others.
  • Cough into a paper handkerchief or elbow crook.
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap and lukewarm water, or use a disinfectant that contains alcohol, if soap and water aren't available.
  • Avoid handshaking and hugging

Read more about the infection control guidelines on the website of the Norwegian Directorate of Health


Rector Kathrine Skretting

Director of Communication Tore Høyland