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New student numbers

New student numbers

If you have received a new Student Number - please read this information.

The study administration system FS at the former Hedmark University of Applied Sciences and the former Lillehammer University College were integrated during week 8. This resulted in you receiving a new student number, due to duplicate student numbers in the two databases.

A consequence of this is that unfortunately, StudentbevisApp (Student ID App) will not be working for you in the period until April 1st. During this period, you must use your student card. If you need a new semester stamp / new sticker to attach to your student ID card, you may obtain one by requesting it at the reception / helpdesk / student service centre at your campus.

Otherwise, most services will work as before in the spring semester:

Student ID card: You will not receive a new student ID card with your new student number, and the student ID card you have will work as before: in the library, as an access card, and for printing.

Studentweb, Fronter and Canvas: You will continue to use your original student number / username for login – your password has not been changed.

Inspera: You will continue to use your original student number / username for login to all examinations that have begun or are planned to commence prior to April 1st, 2018.

After April 1st, you must use your new student number for login to Inspera.

You can find your new student number in Studentweb under “My Profile”:

My profile

Your Name                             (student number: xxxxxx)