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New funding aimed at strengthening internationalization of teacher education

From a school-class in Namibia (photo: INN University)

INN University has been recently awarded internationalization funds for three projects within the field of teacher education.

The aim of the projects is to improve internationalization and increase the number of student and employee exchanges in the field of teacher education. The projects allow for more opportunities for stays abroad as a part of studies and/or experiential learning.

A classromm in Japan (photo: INN University)

The background for the award is "Teacher Education 2025 - National Strategy for Quality and Cooperation in Teacher Education", which is one of the Ministry of Education and Research's strategies for increasing internationalization in teacher education environments and for increasing the percentage of student exchange to 20 percent by 2020.

In cooperation with partners in Scandinavia, Europe, Africa and Asia, the Faculty of Education has received funding from the  Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) for three new projects aimed at strengthening the internationalization of teacher education.

The first two projects are funded through NOTED (Norwegian Partnership Program for International Teacher Education). This is a newly created programme that supports educational cooperation and student mobility between teacher education institutions in Norway and abroad.

The third project is funded through UTFORSK, a programme that provides support for academically-based cooperation in higher education, aimed at long-term and institutionally-based cooperation with Brazil, India, Japan, China, Russia and South Africa.

Aiming at strengthening strategic partnership within teacher education

The first project is titled "International Perspectives in Teacher Education" (NOTED scholarship scheme two-year project) and is a collaboration with Karlstad University in Sweden, Kazimierz Wielki University in Poland and the University of Namibia in Namibia.

Through this project, INN University wishes to strengthen the strategic partnership within teacher education with these three selected partners. Through partner visits and cooperation meetings, teacher education staff at INN University’s Hamar campus will meet colleagues from three different education systems, with the objective of laying the foundation for increased employee mobility.

In addition, academics from partner institutions will contribute with guest lectures within selected subjects for staff and teacher education students at Hamar, which will strengthen internationalization at INN University.

The project is led by  Professor Gerd Wikan and  Programme director Knut Øystein Høvik.  

INN University has also submitted an application for a four-year NOTED project with the same three partners, revolving internationalization within experiential learning, where Norwegian teacher education students would undergo practical courses along with Namibian, Polish and Swedish teacher education students. The practical training will take place in all four countries.

Towards strengthening foreign languages in Norwegian Schools and teacher education

The second project, "Enhancing Development and Recruitment for Studies in Foreign Language Studies (French, German and Spanish) for Teacher Education for Years 5-10 and 8-13: A Cross-National Partnership Based on the European Language Label of 2015" (NOTED scholarship scheme two-year project) is in collaboration with Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, University of Agder, Université de Caen Normandie in France, Pädagogiske Hochschule Freiburg in Germany, and Universidad de Valencia in Spain.

The project aims to strengthen foreign languages in Norwegian schools and teacher education. There is a considerable need for recruiting more teachers of foreign languages in Norway. By offering 30 and 60 credits at three selected partner institutions in countries where the target language is in use, the three participating Norwegian teacher education institutions wish to recruit more teachers of French, Spanish and German.

The courses offered in Caen, Freiburg and Valencia will be in-line with national regulations, guidelines and curricula for foreign languages in Norway. Students who choose this option will also undergo practical experiential learning at schools in the host country.

The project is led by Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.  Programme director Knut Øystein Høvik is the contact person for INN University.

The six partners have also submitted an application for a four-year NOTED project aimed at the further strengthening of foreign languages.

A Norwegian-Japanese cooperation 

The last project, “Japan-Norway Partnership in Teacher Education” (UTFORSK scholarship scheme two-year project) is a collaboration with Kōchi University in Japan, and aims to strengthen the existing cooperation between the two institutions.

Teacher education students at the two institutions will be offered exchange opportunities including English-language studies and practical courses at the host institution.

The project is led by  programme director Knut Øystein Høvik.