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New coronavirus measures at INN University

New coronavirus measures at INN University

INN University takes measures to reduce the social activity at the campuses and encourages employees to opt for the use of home office. (Photo: Karen-Ingrid Fryjordet / Høgskolen i Innlandet).

INN University is keeping its campuses open, but is reducing the social activity in its premises after the government has tightened the coronavirus measures on November 5th.

“We ask employees who have the possibility to work on a home office basis to do so. This does not apply to employees who must carry out on-sight teaching responsibilities. In addition, we further restrict travel activity and only allow for travel and participation in seminars and conferences that are absolutely necessary for our operation,” says Rector Kathrine Skretting.

The government is tightening restrictions

In its new measures, the government calls for everyone to stay at home as much as possible and limit social contact with other people.

All universities, university colleges and vocational colleges are also asked to assess whether they can reduce teaching and other activities that contribute to increased travel, including increased load on public transport.

The basis for the measures is the increase in infection in recent weeks, and that there are now outbreaks in all counties.

Press release from the Ministry of Health and Care Services on new coronavirus measures from November 5th, 2020.

“When home office becomes the norm, it is important to maintain professional and social contact in sections and between employees. Therefore, we have asked all personnel managers at the college to switch to digital meetings that include all employees,” says Skretting.

Teaching set to continue

INN University is responsible for providing the students with a good learning environment and teaching will therefore continue as planned.

“It is important to reduce the risk of infection. At the same time, we have a responsibility to ensure the students' progress in their studies so that they avoid being delayed,” says the rector.

The faculties are switching to digital teaching where this is academically justifiable.

Practical experiential learning and other activities that are necessary to ensure progression are carried out under the applicable infection control framework for each discipline

As a precautionary measure, last week INN University decided to switch from school exams to home exams for the current fall semester in all courses where this is possible.

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