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Meet us at the digital fairs

Meet us at the digital fairs

Meet our student ambassadors at our digital stand. (Photo: INN University)

From January 12 to February 18, we will be participating in this year's student fairs. Like many other events, they are also going digital – and for the very first time. We hope to reach out to our future students with open chat channels served by our student ambassadors, and informative films about our study programme options.

For the very first time, hundreds of high school students will not be attending student fairs around Norway – this year it's all digital. Fortunately, Sweden has several years of experience with digital fairs, and has thus paved the way for good technological solutions, so our upcoming digital fairs are sure to be a success.

A simpler dialogue

Attending student fairs can be overwhelming. Not only are you there with hundreds of other students, but you are also surrounded by educational institutions from both home and abroad. It can be difficult to reach out and ask the questions that are on your mind.

Therefore, we hope that the digital fairs will lower the threshold for asking questions and examining relevant institutions for the participants.

If you are one of those who will attend this year's fairs, rest assured that the people who will meet you in the chats are our student ambassadors, who were not long ago in exactly the same situation as you are now.

Varied information for prospective students

INN University has six campuses and several study options offered in English.

At our digital stand you will find information about study opportunities, our campuses, and more.

After much preparation, we are ready and excited to welcome you to our digital stand!