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Mapping students’ mental health

Mapping students’ mental health

We encourage our students to help in the process of finding out how students' mental health is affected by the coronavirus outbreak. (Photo: Colourbox) 

Help us find out how the mental health of young adults is affected by the coronavirus outbreak in a new national survey.

INN University, in collaboration with the University of Bergen, encourages you to participate in an important research study. The objective of this initiative is to identify coping tendencies, resilience, and mental health in the short and long term in young adults during and in the aftermath of the virus outbreak. The survey is aimed at all students in Norway, and is called BRY.DEG2020.

2020 will be remembered as the year in which the world was hit by the biggest virus epidemic of the 21st century. Measures that many had never experienced were put in place to protect us. Suddenly – from one day to the next – our lives changed. We know that crises might elicit a coping spirit, creativity and feelings of belongingness, but we also know that dramatic events can contribute to psychological and mental challenges, in the short term, but also in a long-term perspective. 







It is very important to find out how the outbreak and subsequent measures affect mental health in the short and longer term. One of the most important groups to investigate in this context is you – students. The survey BRY.DEG 2020 is a survey that takes approximately 20 minutes to answer and is a national initiative. The study is approved by the Research Ethics Committee.

You can read about it on this website BRY.DEG2020

To participate, please click here.

You can also read more about the study in this article (in Norwegian).