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Isolation and quarantine following infection in Lillehammer

COVID-19 text and drawn COVID-19 viruses in red

Illustration photo: Colourbox

A student in Lillehammer has tested positive for COVID-19 and is in isolation. Close contacts are in quarantine and are being tested.

The student tested positive on 28 May. The person in question has not participated in any teaching activities. On the other hand, the student has been in the cafeteria at Storhove and used a study hall.

The student is in isolation, close contacts are in quarantine and will be tested on 29 May.

Everyone who has been in the cafeteria at Storhove on 25 May in the period 12.00-13.30, or in the study hall on the third floor (same floor as the library) on 26 May between 12.00-20.00, should have a low threshold for testing in case of symptoms of COVID-19.

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