INN University to launch a new visual profile

INN University to launch a new visual profile

INN University's new logo.

INN University has launched its new visual profile. Knowledge in new contexts and the productive, vibrant Inland region are central themes.

A visual identity is one of several tools that will help INN University reach its goals.

“The visual profile should tell the outside world the story of who we are, and visualize our goals and ambitions; it should, among other things, say something about what kind of university we want to be,” says rector Kathrine Skretting.

The work related to the visual profile is well anchored in the institutional motto – Stronger Together.

“The Board and INN University’s leadership have been involved throughout the entirety of this exciting process. As a creative concept, we chose the theme ‘New Connections’ for the work,” relays the rector. It is derived from the institutional strategy's ambition of increased cooperation across disciplines and academic areas, between students and lecturers, and between INN University and the region's working and business community.

“Collaboration across the board will help create new knowledge, new understanding, and develop existing knowledge in new contexts.”

People, knowledge and dreams

In the new logo, the initials “INN” have remained in use. The letters are woven together into a strong fabric, alluding to INN University's vision “Stronger Together.”

“Sometimes INN University will be a thread in someone else's fabric, and other times it is us who weave together people, knowledge and dreams, creating new strong threads, exciting patterns, discovering new connections, and beholding opportunities for further development,” explains Skretting.

"We want to be an open knowledge institution, one that is easy for the environment to connect to, and I think our new logo communicates this.”

The green Inland region

The colours of the new visual identity reflect the nature around us – the vibrant, blooming, productive and green Inland region.

“But the green colour is also a commitment to being responsible, to thinking about sustainability and taking environmental considerations into account. After all, it is the future we are going to weave!” says the rector passionately.