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INN University's buildings are closed, but we are still in operation

INN University's buildings are closed, but we are still in operation

The management at INN University closely monitors developments related of the coronavirus. Photo: Colourbox.

Although the activity at INN University's campuses is minimal, teaching and research continue through digital solutions.

This article is updated continuously with information of importance to students and staff in this situation.

One of the most important measures to prevent infection is to frequently wash your hands with soap and water.

New: 4.5 Library update

Order-and-pick-up service at the library from 5 May

 The library handles the process in its entirety, from ordering to delivery.

 The workflow is as follows:

- User orders the book

- A librarian on duty finds the book, puts it in a bag, tags the bag with the borrower's name and sends her/him an email that the book is ready

- User shows up on campus and calls the library

- A librarian puts the bag with the book outside the door

- The borrower holds a minimum distance of two meters to the librarian who delivers the book when he/she picks up the bag and leaves

Please note that the staff at the library will follow general infection control measures at all times. They will keep proper distance in all situations, maintain good hand hygiene, make sure that only one staff member uses a PC or other equipment and that all staff on duty clean surfaces regularly.

 Graduate students can return borrowed books by following the steps bellow:

  • Borrower contacts the library and arranges delivery time
  • The book (s) is delivered to the door at the relevant campus 
  • Librarian takes the bag and places it in a room reserved for the purpose where it stays for three days.

Recent 8.4  Partial reopening of universities and university colleges from 27 April

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24.3  Coronavirus measures to continue

24.3  Conditions concerning exams in spring 2020

20.3 Information for current PhD candidates at INN University 

17.3 The library is closed due to coronavirus measures

Please see information regarding the period of closure, access to resources, and available help. 

16.03 Alternative methods of digital teaching

Dear international students,

Because of the corona virus INN University are working on facilitating a transfer of all teaching to alternative methods of digital teaching / distance learning. The tool for this in addition to Canvas will be ZOOM. Below you will find a video instruction that show you how to install ZOOM on your computer: (unfortunately the voice-over on the video is in Norwegian, but even so it should be quite easy to follow).

 If you for some reason have problems installing the ZOOM tool, please get in touch with the international coordinator at your campus and they will assist you step by step.

 Contact international office:


The Norwegian government has just held a press conference where they announced that Norwegian borders will be closed from Monday 16 March at 08:00 and that the borders will initially remain closed until Easter.

What does this mean for your possibilities to travel home?



Collecting your personal items from INN University campuses

From tomorrow it will be possible for students who have books and other items in book-lockers at INN University campuses to obtain these for a limited period of time.


General information for students

The current situation with the spread of the coronavirus is demanding for our students and for INN University in general. We are working on facilitating a transfer of all teaching to alternative methods of digital teaching / distance learning. When this will happen for your courses, varies from faculty to faculty, and from programme to programme. We therefore ask all our full degree students and exchange students to pay close attention to Canvas and e-mails for specific information on your programme/courses during the spring semester.

It is important that you continue to study for your courses!

INN University is looking into solutions that will allow your course of study to continue without excessive delays. Until your courses officially begin the organized distance teaching, please continue studying on your own as best as you can.

Our Campus Libraries are closed for physical visits. All online resources area available through their webpages, and the Library is available for questions and to provide guidance by e-mail. If you have any questions to the Library at your campus, please contact the relevant one by e-mail. It is not possible to reach the libraries by phones. For the contact information for your Library, please visit their webpage:

Take care of each other – from a distance!

It is important to follow the health authorities' orders and recommendations precisely. Avoid large gatherings and take precautions to prevent yourself from being infected or from exposing others to infection.

However, it is important that you keep in contact with your fellow students, whether it is to work with your courses through digital solutions or to have friendly chats.

SINN’s offer of counselling and dialogues will be available, but only through video meetings. Further updated information about SINN’s offer will be published on their webpage.

If you want someone to talk to, it is possible to contact the Student Chaplains at INN University.

Recent: 12.3

The government has introduced strict measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection. Among other things, an order has been issued that universities and university colleges will be closed from today (12.3.2020) at 18:00. Therefore, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences will prohibit access to its buildings for both students and staff in the period up to Easter.

Staff and students are asked to take with them relevant belongings to facilitate working and studying from home. INN University will have in place emergency management staff and continuously post information on about the consequences of the measures.

It will be arranged so that those who are not able to retrieve their belongings today will be able to collect them later.

Recent: 12.3

All students and employees at INN University should follow the general advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, in addition to the recommendations from the regional authorities in the Inland region.

Yesterday evening (March 11), regional authorities presented common guidelines and rules for preventing the spread of the coronavirus applicable for the Inland region, with additional details to those presented at the national level. These recommendations were determined in collaboration with the municipal doctors.

Recommendations for coping with the coronavirus situation:

  • Wash your hands a minimum of 5 times a day using soap and water. If you do not have access to water and soap, use antibacterial hand gel. Wash your hands when you arrive at your destination/work, and when you arrive home.
  • Do not touch your mouth/face with your hands.
  • Use a paper towel when needed, and discard it after use.
  • Do not shake hands or hug. Greet other people without bodily contact.
  • If you are in quarantine, please adhere to the quarantine rules.
  • Institutions/companies where employees can work from home, should facilitate this.
  • Avoid public transportation that is not necessary.
  • Make and bring your own lunch. Eat alone or in smaller groups.
  • Avoid travelling abroad.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel to areas in the Inland region where infection is detected.
  • Avoid unnecessary flights between destinations within Norway.
  • Avoid social gatherings (birthdays, reunions, events, etc.).
  • Students/employees visiting nightclubs, dining venues, meeting rooms, public areas, etc., should keep a 1 meter distance from other people.
  • Visits to hospitals, nursing homes, community homes or homes with vulnerable groups, should be restricted to vital visits only.
  • Kindergartens and primary schools (1-7 grade) should be open for as long as possible.
  • Secondary schools, high schools and universities/university colleges should implement alternative forms of teaching. Campus-based teaching is not recommended. Closing of premises is to be assessed on an ongoing basis.
  • Seminars, meetings and courses with more than 15 participants should be avoided. Online solutions with distant teaching are to be implemented where possible.
  • Events (sports events, cinema, theatre, concerts, parties, etc.) with more than 50 participants (including audience) should not be held. Events must be risk-assessed in accordance with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s guidelines.

These recommendations will be updated regularly.

INN University is adhering to these recommendations. All campus-based lectures are cancelled, and other alternative solutions are being investigated. 


Recent: 11.3

INN University will follow regional authorities’ recommendations for our sector to avoid seminars, meetings and courses for more than 15 participants, and will transition to distance teaching as soon as possible to reduce the risk of infection.

As a consequence, INN University will suspend all teaching from 12 March 2020 in order to plan and implement the transition to distance teaching.

The campus buildings will remain open. Students who do not have internet access at home can work on campus. Staff members will come to work as usual, unless there are special reasons for not doing so.

The individual faculties will do what is needed to transition to distance teaching as soon as possible. Information about the consequences of this and when distance teaching can first begin will be given to students via their head of studies and through Canvas.

All campus-based exams on Thursday and Friday this week will be postponed.

We are continually evaluating possibilities with respect to the implementation of exams. This means that some exam forms may change from school exams to home exams, or that other adjustments may be made. Students will be informed about any changes through their head of studies and through Canvas.


Teaching and other activities at INN University will continue as normal, but with restrictions based on the advice given on an ongoing basis by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

 The situation is monitored closely, and the advices can be changed quickly. Based on advice from the local health authorities, INN University is taking the following actions: 

  • Avoid shaking hands and hugging
  • Limit travel abroad - also to areas that are not currently defined as risk areas
  • Avoid business trips and attending courses / seminars / events that are not considered necessary
  • In general, an assessment should be made of various activities that benefit from the risk of contributing to the spread of infection
  • Avoid travel between the INN University campuses that are not necessary
  • Facilitate internal video meetings and consider whether these can replace physical attendance

All employees are recommended to bring their computer and charger (and headset) home each afternoon, in case it is necessary to work and conduct online teaching from home.

Vulnerable groups

Students and staff with health problems that make them particularly vulnerable to the Corona virus infection, must consult their General Physician (GP) for advice. If you do not have a GP, please contact the Emergency Ward at +47 116117 for further advice.

Students whom are advised not to participate in teaching or other student-directed activities, due to their vulnerability, should report this to the Programme Coordinator (full degree students), or their course professors and the International Office (exchange students). We will be investigated whether it is possible to facilitate these students' study at INN University.

If you are in doubt whether you have been infected or have been exposed to infection, you should contact an emergency room / GP (by phone) for advice.


All students whom have been in areas with persistent infection, should stay home for 14 days, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. Please consult the overview of the areas with persistent infection on the Norwegian Institute of Public Health web page.

Travelling abroad

INN University highly recommend students to limit their traveling abroad unless it is highly necessary, also to areas that are currently not defined as risk areas. If you plan on travelling abroad, please follow the travel advices from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Students whom are abroad on an exchange should always pay attention to the advices given by local contacts / authorities.

All INN University students and employees who are abroad, should have registered with UD’s reiseregistrering. If you have yet to do so, please register right away. Once registered, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the opportunity to send you updated information via SMS or e-mail. Exchange students

Cancellation of exchange semester

It is up to you whether your exchange/stay should be postponed or cancelled. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health or the University you are planning to attend do not advise against going on exchange, there is no reason to cancel or postpone your planned exchange.

The International Coordinators on all campuses are paying close attention to the ongoing development related to the Corona virus. The coordinators are in touch with the outgoing exchange students abroad and the incoming exchange students currently attending INN University.

Please contact the International Coordinator at your campus if you have questions or would like more information.