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INN University follows the national reopening plan

INN University follows the national reopening plan

Step 2 national measures entered into effect from 27 May 2021. (Photo:

INN University follows the national reopening plan, which has gone to Step 2 on Thursday 27 May. 

This case was updated with new information about the status in the Hamar region on Thursday 3 June.

For INN University campuses, the government's reopening plan entails several changes:

  • Increased possibility for on-campus teaching. In practice, this does not entail major changes, as already planned digital teaching will be carried out.
  • Exercises and activities that are crucial for students' progression are given priority.
  • School exams can be carried out, but other exam forms are used where those are already planned.
  • Home office work is still the recommendation for employees.
  • Domestic travel is no longer discouraged and can be carried out in accordance with the applicable infection control measures.
  • The advice to avoid travel abroad remains, unless the trip is strictly necessary. Strict requirements for quarantine and testing for those who enter the country are in place.
  • There are still requirements for infection control measures, distancing and the use of face masks where distance cannot be maintained. 

Read more about rules and recommendations for Step 2 in the government's reopening plan (

The applicable coronavirus measures at INN University (

For Hamar and Blæstad campuses, special schemes applied as a result of local measures following an outbreak of infection in the Hamar region. The local measures were repealed from 3 June.