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INN University awarded Charter & Code certification

INN University awarded Charter & Code certification

In January 2020, INN University was awarded the prestigious Charter & Code certification by the European Commission after an extensive and lengthy application process.

In January 2020, INN University was awarded the prestigious Charter & Code certification by the European Commission after an extensive and lengthy application process.

The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (Charter & Code) is a set of 40 general principles on the roles, responsibilities and rights of researchers and their employers and/or sources of funding. The principles were established by the European Commission in 2005, and cover ethical and professional matters such as recruitment and selection, working conditions as well as research education and career development.

Important milestone

“Charter & Code is a seal of quality for academic institutions that is becoming increasingly important,” says Rector Kathrine Skretting. “Only a few Norwegian educational institutions have achieved this certification. Charter & Code is an important part of INN University's strategy for internationalization, it will help strengthen our university application and will increase INN University's recognition, visibility and authority both nationally and internationally.”

The certification

“The external evaluators praise INN University for the way it has ensured compliance between the Charter & Code principles and INN University's own personnel policy and procedures,” emphasizes HR director Lars Petter Mathisrud.

The certification reflects INN University's commitment to continuously improve the institution's personnel policy in line with the Charter & Code principles – in particular with regard to fair and transparent recruitment and assessment procedures. The Charter & Code certification confirms INN University's continuous focus on and work to ensure an engaging and favourable working environment for employees. INN University sees this recognition as an incentive to continue working towards making the institution an ever better workplace.”

The action plan, containing a number of measures, will in this respect be an important tool in the future. The various measures cover everything from career development for scientific staff to international researcher mobility and systems for handling researcher data. INN University will conduct an internal evaluation of the action plan in 2022, which will be assessed by independent evaluators appointed by the European Commission. Following this initial internal evaluation, the European Commission will conduct an external evaluation every three years.

Internal organisation

“It has been a long application process, which has been well integrated in our entire organization. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who provided valuable input in connection with the application work – they contributed to a high quality application,” says project manager Helene Rønning.

The implementation of Charter & Code in the future is integrated into INN University's operations. Pro-rector of research, Tomas Willebrand, and HR director, Lars Petter Mathisrud, have been delegated this formal responsibility by the rector. Helene Rønning and Marita Stok (HR) are responsible for the daily follow-up of the implementation process. A reference group consisting of both researchers and other employees has also been assembled. Here, the institution has placed great emphasis on involving younger researchers, since Charter & Code is largely about making INN University a more attractive workplace in the years to come.

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