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Information for INN University’s PhD candidates

Information for INN University’s PhD candidates

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Recent updates for current INN University PhD candidates in light of the coronavirus situation. 

The outbreak of the coronavirus and the subsequent preventive measures entail major consequences for all of us. However, it is important that we try, as much as possible, to carry out our duties as normal. Many people are working creatively to find good solutions for how tasks can be performed from home. Therefore, despite the fact that INN University’s campus buildings are closed, many are working tirelessly to keep teaching, conduct research and other work assignments. INN University hopes – and will help facilitate – that the PhD candidates can carry out their projects as planned.

Activities of the PhD programmes, such as courses, seminars and colloquium groups, must be carried out digitally, using INN University's tools such as Zoom and Skype / Sky rooms. Since doing a PhD can be experienced as lonely even under normal circumstances, it is especially important that you take extra care of each other during these times and meet in digital rooms. (A Friday ‘cheers’ on Zoom or skype?)

Supervision can be carried out as planned on digital arenas and platforms.

Travel must be postponed, as is the case for all other employees. See more info on INNafor. For trips later this spring (from May onwards), we recommend that you first speak with your faculty. This applies to research conferences, stays abroad, etc.

The PhD programme management, committee and administration are operating on a home-office basis, and are performing their duties as normal as far as this is possible. Contact the head of the PhD programme and/or the PhD coordinator if you have questions regarding applications to approve courses taken at other institutions, submission of a thesis or similar enquiries.

Trial lecture and public defence of thesis. Public defences at INN University will be conducted in line with infection control measures. INN University has arranged for digital streaming of doctoral defences. One has already been successfully carried out. In many ways, we have been thrown into a green transition from airplane culture to virtual culture.

Delays and extensions due to the coronavirus outbreak

The situation affects the work of each individual PhD candidate differently. For some, it may be unproblematic to continue working on your project from home. For others, it may be difficult to carry out full working days at home due to the closure of schools and kindergartens. If you are employed as a research fellow at INN University, you must register this type of absence as sick-child days. See more info on INNafor. According to INN University's Guidelines for employment in the position of research assistant, research fellow and postdoc, paragraph 6, a, ii, ( on this page in the PhD Handbook), this type of absence will, as a rule, provide a basis for extending the period of employment or, alternatively, constitute grounds for reducing the 25% compulsory work component, where this is necessary for completing the doctoral thesis.

The same applies if the coronavirus situation causes delays in the PhD work because planned activities such as data collection cannot be carried out. If it is not possible to change the order of tasks so as to avoid delay, you can apply for an extension of the research fellowship position with reference to the guidelines mentioned above, paragraph 6, a, iii, where it states:

“In special cases, extension may be granted for other conditions that have hindered the progression of the doctoral education. Such conditions can be special care duties and unforeseen obstacles of an occupational nature for which the PhD candidate cannot be held responsible. When such conditions result in a delay, an extension of the period of employment may be granted, provided that the PhD candidate will be able to complete the doctoral programme by the end of the extension period.”

We recommend that you save any documentation showing how you experienced progression barriers and attach this to your application for extension.

If you are not employed as a research fellow at INN University, you must apply for an extension of funding from your employer. An extension of the employment period will constitute grounds for extending your appointment period.

Furthermore, we encourage everyone to keep a close eye on INN University's webpage about the coronavirus, which is updated continuously.