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Important information for all students


Following the merger into INN University, we must also integrate the two student administration databases – Common Student System (Felles studentsystem FS). This may affect you as a student. 

This system integration will be executed in the period from 15:00 on 16th February until 25th February.

How will this affect you as a student?

  • Studentweb will be unavailable during this period, and it will not be possible to e.g., check examination registration, check grades or make address changes
  • Studentbevisappen (Student ID app) will remain available if you are logged in on 15.2.2018. If you log out, you will not be able to access the app again until 26.2.2018
  • You will not be able to print out a transcript of records or different confirmations
  • Vitnemålsportalen (the Diploma registry) will not display results from INN University
  • Some students will be assigned a new student number. The students to whom this applies will receive personal information via email, along with an SMS notification

Systems that will not be affected: Fronter, Canvas, Inspera, TimeEdit, Self-service portal/Activation portal, printing, library access and book borrowing, access to campus.