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How to be on top of your studies and everyday life in these coronavirus times

How to be on top of your studies and everyday life in these coronavirus times

Students have been thrown out of their routine in both their studies and in their social life. Take care of yourself and those around you, and keep in touch with each other! (Illustration image: Colourbox)

We wish all our students to have the best possible academic everyday experience within the current situation.

It is an unusual situation for all of us, and each of us reacts differently to the uncertainty and concerns that are now part of our everyday. Closed campuses and libraries, as well as switching to digital teaching and supervision can lead some people to feel isolated.

Others feel that their house is full and the space for studying is getting smaller, with the added responsibility for children who would otherwise be in kindergartens and schools. This affects student-life and the individual's learning environment in different ways and may contribute to a challenging academic routine.

The Learning Environment Committee, together with the staff at INN University –management, administration and the academic staff – in addition to StINN, SINN and the student chaplains, do what we can to mitigate the situation and help you achieve the best learning environment possible. We would like to provide some tips on how you can best handle this situation, and inform you about the support features available.

1:   Take care of yourself and your fellow students:

Keep in mind that under the current conditions you may not be able to reach your usual academic performance. We are all in an extraordinary situation to which we react differently, so we should show ourselves and each other some extra patience and tolerance. Keep in touch with others, feel free to invite them to digital social gatherings and take the opportunity to get to know some of your fellow students who you may not know well.

2:   Develop a good daily routine for yourself:

Because a lot of energy goes into processing what is happening around us, it is important to develop good routines. It is about prioritizing sleep, healthy diet and physical activity. On SINN’s website you can find several good tips for your everyday. On StInn’s website you can find good workout tips.

3:   Plan your academic day and incorporate wise meal breaks and workout breaks. You can even arrange digital dining breaks. Work sessions can be experienced as intensive, and we all need some short breaks.

4:   Participate in activities offered through digital teaching and supervision, as far as this is possible. Keep an eye on Canvas and follow what is offered by INN University. Contact your lecturer if you have any questions or if something is unclear. On Canvas you will also get important information about everything that is relevant to your study programme.

5:   Create your own digital learning rooms and digital social meeting rooms.

Most things go digital these days and it can be quite exciting. Organize digital colloquium groups to study together, but also take the initiative to hang out in digital meeting arenas in your spare time. Let your imagination run free! there is everything from digital campfires, to digital gaming evenings. Follow StInn's Facebook group.

6:   Contact SINN’s counselling service or the student chaplains if you feel like life has become too lonely or too challenging.

7:   We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with On you will find a lot of information specifically aimed at students. The information is updated continuously as the coronavirus crisis develops, which can be found under “ Coronavirus”, and “ Infection control”. At the moment, the “study from home” tab is only available in Norwegian, but we recommend periodically checking for more updates in English. You will also find information on how to avoid online fraud and how to ensure your online privacy within the current situation.

Overview of other options for someone to talk to, and links to our host municipalities

  •  Mental Helse (mental health services) has a 24-hour helpline: 116 123.
    People who are currently abroad can call: 0047 91 116 123.

The organization can also be contacted and is open every day between 08.00 – 23.00. Please visit Mental Helse's website.

Take care of yourself and of those around you, and have a great Easter!