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Honorable mention commendation awarded to senior communications advisor Sigrun Dancke Skaare

Honorable mention commendation awarded to senior communications advisor Sigrun Dancke Skaare

Sigrun Dancke Skaare (left) was handed her award by responsible editor and director of, Nina Kristiansen (photo: Noorit Larsen/INN University). has awarded INN University’s Sigrun Dancke Skaare an honorable mention commendation for her article “Ask a researcher: how unhealthy is frozen pizza?”

INN University’s senior communications adviser Sigrun Dancke Skaare has been awarded the honorable mention commendation for her article “ Ask a researcher: how unhealthy is frozen pizza?”.  The award recognizes an eloquently written article that offers interesting insight while engaging the reader. The commendation was awarded during’s annual research communication days event, last Wednesday.

This is Sigrun’s second time being recognized by for her writing, after having won an award in 2013.

How unhealthy is frozen pizza?

Sigrun’s article, based on a conversation with INN University’s lecturer within food, nutrition and health, Astrid Kolderup Hervik, relay’s a message of moderation.

According to Kolderup Hervik, frozen pizza is a less recommended option than more nutritional ones such as fish and vegetables, but causes no harm as part of a balanced diet.

The important thing, she argues, is what we mean by the term “healthy.”

The nutritional value of frozen pizza is low, in terms of fiber, and it contains high quantities of salt and fat. It should therefore be measured in relation to the rest of one’s diet, and the frequency of consumption.

The problem with frozen pizza is that it has a high caloric value, yet does not provide a lasting feeling of satiation, which may lead to the consumption of more food than one needs.

There are healthier quick snacks, says Kolderup Hervik, but the occasional frozen pizza can be eaten guilt-free if not done too often.

It’s all about awareness.

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The research communication days have been organized annually for the past 12 years, and have been aimed at communications personnel from higher education institutions all across Norway. The objective of the event is the exchange of ideas and experiences regarding research dissemination, learning the state of the art in the field, as well as networking.

This year, for the first time, the first day of the event was open to researchers as well, with the purpose of facilitating a closer cooperation between researchers and communications personnel in higher education across Norway.

INN University’s department of communications has sent several representatives to this year’s event, and has a goal of increasing research dissemination and cooperation with researchers, aiming at making research more accessible to the general public.